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Intergalactic Travel: Through the Pages

Intergalactic Travel: Through the Pages

Written By Hailey Kim, Co-Chief Editor March 26, 2021

Reading is a pastime that brings joy, relief, and excitement into many lives. Many Latin students enjoy reading as a pastime to relieve piled up stress caused by school or an escape from the monotonous...

A New Form of Acting for CLS Students

A New Form of Acting for CLS Students

Written By Lucy Dempsey, Reporter March 11, 2021

  Wildly enthusiastic applause from the audience filled the auditorium in the PAC as the curtain fell and the play ended. The actors returned to the stage, took their final bows, and the audience...

L²: Episode 2

Written By Connor Little and Ryan Lupfer February 26, 2021

Ryan and Connor discuss Valentine's Day traditions while enjoying everyone's favorite red foods and drinks.

Murder: Is This The New Quarantine Obsession?

Murder: Is This The New Quarantine Obsession?

Written By Jaya Iyer, Reporter January 26, 2021

“Dead body reported.” This simple announcement immediately reaches everyone throughout every corner of the spaceship. The nine remaining comrades halt in their steps and abandon their tasks to gather...

Mask Off

Mask Off

Written By Neely Hume, Lydia McNichols, Reporter November 18, 2020

Who knew six months ago masks would become the hottest accessory of 2020? We wear masks to do almost everything now. Going to the store, going out to eat and most importantly, at school. Masks may not...

Edward Yang 23 sits at his PC setup.

On the Hunt for Hawks’ Obsessions: Quarantine Edition

Written By Connor Little, Co-Editor in Chief November 16, 2020

Whether it’s the cool wind blowing in your face as you bike down the side of a mountain or the voice of one of your online teammates yelling in your ear through a headset as you play Xbox, everyone has...

The entrance to Inlustrate serves as the entrance to the whole campus and is the first building that visitors see when they arrive on campus.

Inlustrate Orbem: Enlighten the world, and the building that will do just that

Written By Ryan Lupfer, Reporter December 10, 2019

“I think it's an absolutely beautiful building, and a great addition to this campus.” —Hunter Murphy, Dean of Students “You can chill out, do homework, or just walk around.” —Daniel Haughton’22 “There...

Louise and Jordan meeting each other in 2013.

The Donation Miracle

Written By Samantha Gitlin, Editor in Chief March 12, 2019

Although the odds of winning the lottery are small, people buy tickets because hitting the jackpot would be worth it. Like ambitious ticket buyers, thousands of people register with The National Bone Marrow...

The Binge Watching Blues

Written By Janie Balanda, Reporter February 21, 2019

I am the first to admit that I have watched an entire season of a show in one day. Yes, one day. Twenty-two episodes of pure adrenaline. I woke up, ate breakfast and sat down to watch an episode. Then...

A Chance for Everyone in Charlotte Latins Art Program

A Chance for Everyone in Charlotte Latin’s Art Program

Written By Janie Balanda, Reporter December 3, 2018

Charlotte Latin is a school of many strengths and extracurricular activities, but the visual arts  program is something that the school holds close to its heart. The program is taught unlike most art...

Fortnite Phenomenon 2.0

Fortnite Phenomenon 2.0

Written By Cam Egan, Reporter November 19, 2018

Timmy turned on his Xbox and sat down in front of the TV. Being quiet not to wake up his parents, he saw John was also online. Timmy sent John an invite to play with him, and John accepted. Joining the...

Two Sport Star Prepares for Life After Latin

Two Sport Star Prepares for Life After Latin

Written By Brendan Reilly May 11, 2018

  People at Charlotte Latin know who senior Claudia Dickey is. Whether it's from being the starting goalkeeper or the starting point guard since her freshman year and being all state in both sports,...

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