The Hawk Eye

Daniel Haughton
I am a very intellectual guy;I like to know the details. If I could have one superpower it would be the ability to read minds.I also like to know what people are thinking about in their heads and also what they would be thinking about me. I like to get out of the pocket and mix it around a lot. I’m pretty self-conscious myself.To me it would be cool to dive into the minds of others and see what they’re thinking. I like to watch YouTube videos on my free time, sometimes to get better at things and other times just for fun. Playing video games in my free time helps me relax and take my mind of off the stressful things in life. I can whistle pretty well-I know it's not crazy special but I think it's pretty cool since not everyone can whistle. Sometimes I wish I had some more special talents just to be able to wow people. I’m sort of a materialistic guy; I like the nice things in life definitely not as much as my brother however, I will never spend 200 dollars on a white T-shirt.

Daniel Haughton, Reporter

Nov 19, 2018
Old Rival, New Star (Story)
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