The Hawk Eye

Janie Balanda
Out of all superpowers I would probably like to fly. I've always wanted to fly. But I don’t like airplanes. It’s just something about flying that I think would feel free. With a million dollars I would probably end up wasting it on stupid stuff. Maybe a cool car and a pet monkey or something. Like I said I like the feeling of freedom so I think making a big life decision where I got the final say was a very pivotal moment in my life. Last year I got to decide whether to switch to CLS or to continue at Ardrey Kell High School and I decided to switch because I was looking for a change.Freshman year was tough at first because I didn’t know anyone but this year I’ve started to settle in. The people were really nice but it was just difficult to step out of my comfort zone. I don’t normally want to step out of my comfort zone but I’m always glad once I do. I sometime wish I had a wider variety of hobbies but I pretty much only play soccer. I don’t take soccer too seriously but I do have to go to games and tournaments most weekends in the fall. As for the future I don’t think about it too much but I know I’m going to have too soon. My favorite subject is everything but math. No offense to my math teacher but my brain just doesn’t understand math.

Janie Balanda, Reporter

May 23, 2019
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