The Hawk Eye

2019-2020 Staff

Ryan Lupfer


  If I were to be reborn as a fruit, it would probably be as a pineapple. They are spiky on the outside and I have been told that I give off a vibe that can seem prickly to people because I'm a little sarcastic. But on ...

Jessica Clover


When I was six, I started to watch cooking shows— “Giada at Home,” specifically, was my all-time favorite. I had a little kitchen when I was younger, which I really miss. I like to cook anything— except baking is hard for me, b...

Hailey Kim


I came to Charlotte Latin from a public school in sixth grade. I really didn’t like the idea of changing schools and I was quite frankly scared of it because I hated the idea of being new. But coming to this school really opened...

Tanner Willett


A wave of anxiety washed over me when I saw the crowd of new faces. I was a frightened six-year-old on my first day of kindergarten. Ever since, I have been on my way to becoming a Latin Lifer. As I became more involved in La...

Connor Little


Looking ahead to the upcoming year, I want to remind myself not to take everything so seriously that there’s no time to have fun. I just want to work hard and enjoy my time in high school. My favorite thing to do in my free...

Samantha Gitlin

Editor in Chief

I could not let go. My mom probably wanted me to stop holding onto her leg but I refused. All the other kids were confident going into the first day of first grade, but not me. They all looked at me with confusion as to why I...

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