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2021-2022 Staff

Ryan Lupfer 22 Fruit Lupes
Editor In Chief

Ryan Lupfer ’22 “Fruit Lupes”

If I were to be reborn as a fruit, it would probably be as a pineapple. They are spiky on the outside and I have been told that I give off a vibe that can seem prickly to people because I'm a little sarcastic. But on the inside th...

Connor Little 23 Little Boy
Co-Editor in Chief

Connor Little ’23 “Little Boy”

Looking ahead to the upcoming year, I want to remind myself not to take everything so seriously that there’s no time to have fun. I just want to work hard and enjoy my time in high school. My favorite thing to do in my free ...

Tommy Beason 24 Bag Talk Beason
Staff Writer

Tommy Beason ’24 “Bag Talk Beason”

If I could choose any celebrity to have lunch with, I would have two answers. The first one would definitely be Kevin Hart. I would choose him because he is one of the funniest comedians and actors of all time. I know the convers...

Sloane Hobart 25
Staff Reporter

Sloane Hobart ’25

If I could have any power I would have the power to time travel. I think that this would be a fun power because I would be able to go into the past to be there when important historical events happened like the revolutionary war or g...

Isis West 22
Staff Reporter

Isis West ’22

My sister, who was five at the time, had mistaken my Wii console for a toaster. Her placing a frozen waffle in the console (and, of course ,breaking it) was a sad and laughable moment in my childhood memories. I loved to play games...

Ana Burk 25
Staff Reporter

Ana Burk ’25

I think I like the idea of being able to manipulate probability. All I would have to do is have there be a hundred percent chance of something happening, and it happens. A hundred percent chance of the clouds being cotton cand...

Mia Zottoli 23
Staff Reporter

Mia Zottoli ’23

One day, I hope to be known for making the world a little better, to live on in memory even when I am gone. In this sense, I am ambitious, but I’m still unsure of how I will get where I desire. The uncertainty of my future br...

Max Thompson 25 Maximus
Staff Reporter

Max Thompson ’25 “Maximus”

If I could be born in any time period of my choosing, I would actually choose the age we live in right now. This is the perfect time period where technology is thriving, and the average person has access to limitless knowledge a...

Peyton Youse 23 Pay Pay
Staff Reporter

Peyton Youse ’23 “Pay Pay”

In 2016, my uncle and grandpa both died in the span of two months. Even though I was not even 12, they had left a massive impact on my life that was simply irreplaceable. However, in those 60 days, I learned more about myself and...

Taken by Neely Hume
Staff Reporter

Lydia McNichols ’24

As a rising fifth grader who had lived in the same state, same small town, and same house her entire ten years of life, moving to a new state wasn’t easy. My entire family knew moving to North Carolina was going to happen ev...

Jaya Iyer 24
Staff Reporter

Jaya Iyer ’24

Despite my nerves, the transition into Upper School as a Latin lifer has been a thrilling experience. The freedom granted throughout the day as well as the many new opportunities presented open the door to a bright future. As...

Mary Stewart Hunter 24
Staff Reporter

Mary Stewart Hunter ’24

     I have always wanted to be able to teleport. I feel that if I could teleport, it would make my life so much easier—I could skip long car trips and sleep more before school. With teleportation, it would be easier to travel to...

Lucy Dempsey 24
Staff Reporter

Lucy Dempsey ’24

      If I was born as any animal I would be reborn as a giraffe. Giraffes are my favorite animal because they are so cool looking. They have long necks and really long legs. I would be so tall and I could tower over all...

Neely Hume 24
Staff Reporter

Neely Hume ’24

When I think back to kindergarten, one of my only clear memories was when I forgot my folder. It had always been my fear to sit on the log. The log was where you sat at recess by yourself and watched your friends play as a sign of ...

Hailey Kim 23 Speedracer
Co-editor in Chief

Hailey Kim ’23 “Speedracer”

  I came to Charlotte Latin from a public school in sixth grade. I really didn’t like the idea of changing schools and I was quite frankly scared of it because I hated the idea of being new. But coming to this sc...

Jessica Clover 22

Jessica Clover ’22

When I was six, I started to watch cooking shows— “Giada at Home,” specifically, was my all-time favorite. I had a little kitchen when I was younger, which I really miss. I like to cook anything— except baking is hard for me, b...