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2022-2023 Staff

Tommy Beason 24
Staff Writer

Tommy Beason ’24

If I could choose any celebrity to have lunch with, I would have two answers. The first one would definitely be Kevin Hart. I would choose him because he is one of the funniest comedians and actors of all time. I know the convers...

Staff Reporter

Casey Cupps-O’Sullivan ’25

A dessert I would use to describe myself would be a brownie. Brownies have harder edges which represent how I may seem serious or harsh on the outside. On the other hand, my personality reflects the middle of the brownie - nic...

Kayley Malone 24
Staff Reporter

Kayley Malone ’24

One of my favorite movies of all time is the 1984 coming of age film, “16 Candles”, starring Molly Ringwald. I decided it was definitely one of my favorites when my mom told me it was one of hers. Not very original, but it’...

Kadence Johnson 24
Staff Reporter

Kadence Johnson ’24

Roller coasters are a fretful person’s version of risk taking. This being said, roller coasters are probably one of my favorite things. I will get on any roller coaster with zero questions asked. I relish the nervous feeling be...

Sophia Smith 26
Staff Reporter

Sophia Smith ’26

I think my favorite childhood memory is having dance parties with my mom in the kitchen. She pulls out spatulas and turns up the speakers, and dances around the kitchen until our feet hurt and our voices are hoarse. If I could h...

Lindsay Baker 24
Staff Reporter

Lindsay Baker ’24

I could watch movies forever. Over the course of my life, I’ve been my happiest when I’m watching movies. My love for cinema is mainly a result of the influence of my mom, who works in the film industry. She had my sister and...

Ben Goldman 26
Staff Reporter

Ben Goldman ’26

If I had any superpower, I would choose telekinesis because it is basically every power in one. You could pick yourself up. You could fly on something you’re holding with your mind. You could pick up super heavy things. You...

Katherine Webb 26
Staff Reporter

Katherine Webb ’26

If I had to choose a superpower, it would need to be the ability to fly. One of my favorite things to do is travel and experience new things. I’ve been to so many places, including Italy, France and the Bahamas. The rest of my...

Ana Burk 25
Staff Reporter

Ana Burk ’25

Pink is the superior color. I think I like the idea of being able to manipulate probability. All I would have to do is fabricate a one hundred percent chance of something happening, and it would happen. A hundred percent chanc...

Max Thompson 25 Maximus
Staff Reporter

Max Thompson ’25 “Maximus”

If I could be born in any time period of my choosing, I would actually choose the age we live in right now. This is the perfect time period where technology is thriving, and the average person has access to limitless knowledge a...

Peyton Youse 23
Staff Reporter

Peyton Youse ’23

In 2016, my uncle and grandpa both died in the span of two months. Even though I was not even 12, they had left a massive impact on my life that was simply irreplaceable. However, in those 60 days, I learned more about myself and...

Lucy Dempsey 24
Staff Reporter

Lucy Dempsey ’24

      If I was born as any animal I would be reborn as a giraffe. Giraffes are my favorite animal because they are so cool looking. They have long necks and really long legs. I would be so tall and I could tower over all...

Mia Zottoli 23
Editor in Chief

Mia Zottoli ’23

One day, I hope to be known for making the world a little better, to live on in memory even when I am gone. In this sense, I am ambitious, but I’m still unsure of how I will get where I desire. The uncertainty of my future br...

Hailey Kim 23
Editor in Chief

Hailey Kim ’23

  I came to Charlotte Latin from a public school in sixth grade. I really didn’t like the idea of changing schools and I was quite frankly scared of it because I hated the idea of being new. But coming to this sc...

Jaya Iyer 24
Editor in Chief

Jaya Iyer ’24

Without the full color palette, life is dull. If we never ventured beyond the primary colors and mixed them together, half of the rainbow would never be discovered. While secondary colors contain favored characteristics of each...

Connor Little 23
Editor in Chief

Connor Little ’23

Looking ahead to the upcoming year, I want to remind myself not to take everything so seriously that there’s no time to have fun. I just want to work hard and enjoy my time in high school. My favorite thing to do in my free ...