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Top Movies of 2017

February 7, 2018


Each of us (Emma Gerden, Bailey Nemirow, and Lilly Omirly) listed our top 10 favorite movies of 2017.



#1 Call Me By Your Name – “Call Me By Your Name” was not only the best movie I’ve seen in 2017, but it’s the best I’ve ever seen. I cannot describe how much I love this movie. Check out our “Call Me By Your Name” film discussion for more in-depth analysis (praise).

#2 Ladybird – I really loved Ladybird. It was very realistic and relatable, which was great. And the acting was just fantastic all around – definitely the kind of movie that inspires me personally as a storyteller. Also check out our “Ladybird” film discussion for more.

Phantom Thread (photo courtesy of Annapurna Pictures)

#3 Phantom Thread – “Phantom Thread”, directed by Paul Thomas Anderson and starring Daniel Day-Lewis, did not disappoint. The plot was rich and tense, and the score was hauntingly chilling. I love a good PTA movie, and his latest film really delivered.

#4 Dunkirk – “Dunkirk” was visually stunning and emotionally moving. It was made like an indie movie with a huge budget – I hope more movies are made like this, because Christopher Nolan did a fantastic job with this.

#5 The Florida Project – “The Florida Project” follows impoverished children over the course of a summer in Florida. I’ve never seen a story told through the eyes of a child so well, and the cinematography was heartbreaking gorgeous.

The Florida Project (photo courtesy of A24)

#6 Get Out – “Get Out” was such a chilling social commentary with great acting and a great script.

#7 The Shape of Water – I did enjoy “The Shape of Water”, as Guillermo del Toro is a wonderful and creative storyteller. The movie itself didn’t hit me quite as hard as other ones did – films more towards the top of this list wouldn’t leave my brain for days or weeks – but it was really well-made and I did like it.

#8 I, Tonya – The best part of “I, Tonya” was undoubtedly the acting. Margot Robbie, Sebastion Stan, and Allison Janey were all great.

#9 Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri – “Three Billboards” was really solid. Good acting, especially by Frances McDormand.

#10 Baby Driver – “Baby Driver” was really fresh and fun. Definitely the best car action film I’ve seen.

Honorable Mentions: “The Disaster Artist”, “A Ghost Story”, “Wonder Woman”, “The Big Sick”



# 1 Call Me By Your Name – This film was not only the best film of 2017, but the best I have ever seen. It exceeded my high expectations for acting, cinematography, music, directing, and screenplay. The movie impacted me deeply and will stay with me for life.

Call Me By Your Name (photo courtesy of Sony Classics)

#2 Phantom Thread – A beautiful score sets up a film that takes you on a experience with subtle twists and turns that ultimately leaves you speechless. If the rumors are true, Daniel Day-Lewis’s last performance was one to remember.

#3 Wonder Woman – Few movies can manage to make me emotional, but “Wonder Woman” moved me because of its empowering message. It was an action movie that kept me hooked throughout with a story that elevated it beyond a basic superhero movie.

Wonder Woman (photo courtesy thanks of Warner Bros. Pictures).

#4 Florida Project – I didn’t love “The Florida Project” at first because it wasn’t always easy to watch, but in retrospect it was really was an incredible film. The blend of well-known actors like Willem Dafoe and newcomers of all ages, the excellent directing and the set design elevated a good script into a very raw experience.

#5 Ladybird There’s no doubt “Ladybird” was an excellent film, well-made and well-directed, but it doesn’t make it to the top of the pack for me for me because the screenplay didn’t draw me in all the way.

#6 The Shape of Water – This was a great movie that blends several plot points into a very enthralling story. There were definitely some drawbacks for me but it was a mostly enjoyable movie.

#7 Dunkirk Christopher Nolan’s directing is really what makes this film so great, but it was a very solid film.

Get Out (photo courtesy of Universal Studios)

#8 Get Out – This was an excellent screenplay that made a great statement. This movie helped started a conversation that needed to be had and succeeds in the areas where “The Post” missed the mark.

#9 I, Tonya – This was a good movie, no denying that, but I had an issue with the perspective it wanted to take. Though I was confused on what the film wanted me to feel it when I left the theater, I was totally enthralled during the experience.

(photo courtesy of LuckyChap)

#10 Atomic Blonde – This is a movie that surely won’t make many top lists, but definitely impressed me. “Atomic Blonde” was a very well-directed action film with strong acting, a good plot, a wonderful soundtrack and a nice twist at the end.

Honorable Mentions: “The Disaster Artist”, “A Ghost Story”, “Baby Driver”, “The Big Sick”, “Three Billboards outside of Ebbing, Missouri”



#1 A Ghost Story- This film is one of the only movies that I left the theater and felt like a different person. The film was an experience that I can’t imagine not having experienced. The film was so simple but truly so well done.

A Ghost Story (photo courtesy of A24)

#2 Call Me by Your Name – I loved the book and the movie did not disappoint. By far the best book to film adaption I have seen.

#3 Phantom Thread – The score was the best part of the film. Well thought-out shots that flowed well with the music. Nicely done.

#4 Killing of a Sacred Deer – The story was so fascinating, and the acting was unconventional but executed very well. Check out my review for more.

#5 Dunkirk – I had the opportunity to watch this on 70mm film. The fact that it was shot and shown on film and was also true to the historical event really impressed me.

Dunkirk (photo courtesy of Warner Brother Pictures)

#6 The Big Sick – Was just a pleasant film to watch. It was a true story that was overdramatized and truly felt that it happened in real life.

#7 Baby Driver – The score and acting were both well-done and melded extremely well together. Shots were creative and had good intention.

#8 Get Out – Creative concept and great acting. This film definitely deserves more recognition.

#9 Ladybird – What it lacked in creative filming choices Ladybird made up for in a very accurate telling of a mother-daughter relationship.

Ladybird and her Mother (photo courtesy of A24 Films)

#10 The Shape of Water – Amazing special effects coupled with good color grading. Shape of Water told a fictional story with underlying truths that could be applied to real events.

Honorable Mentions – “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri”, “mother!”, “The Disaster Artist”


Have you seen any of these movies? Let us know in the comments below!

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    Alex HarrisonMar 5, 2018 at 9:32 am

    I was surprised to see “A Ghost Story” on all three lists! I’m not a big fan of Casey Affleck, but I guess he spent the whole movie hidden under a sheet. Great lists all around!