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Written By Lucy Dempsey, Reporter

Jayden Jefferson ’24 watches Netflix on his TV at home. Photo by: Jayden Jefferson

After a long tough day at school I head straight to the couch to watch Netflix. As I am relaxing on the couch, curled up in my favorite blanket, I turn on my favorite Netflix show. Many teens around the world enjoy streaming services as a way to de-stress and unwind. Hulu and Amazon Prime can provide many hours of escape from school. However, as one of the original streaming services, Netflix also ranks as one of the most popular for young viewers. Netflix offers so many options for every viewer, such as comedy, drama, action, horror, and many more, including documentaries, mini and limited-run series, and made for Netflix content, as well as international series and films. Charlotte Latin Upper School students enjoy watching Netflix just like many teens around the world.

Since being stuck in quarantine, more and more people naturally discovered a newfound interest in their Netflix accounts. Not surprisingly, this includes students of Charlotte Latin School.  Charlotte Latin Upper School students said they enjoy watching “Grey’s Anatomy,” “The Office,” and “Outer Banks.” “Grey’s Anatomy” was the most popular show overall. When polled about their viewing preferences and asked to rate their favorite Netflix programs, Latin Upper School students reported their favorite show was “Grey’s” Anatomy followed by “Outer Banks”, and then “The Office”. Ivy Monk ‘24 enjoys programs that keep her guessing. “Grey’s Anatomy” is heading into its sixteenth season, Latin’s students aren’t the only ones watching. “‘Grey’s Anatomy is very interesting and has lots of plot twists,” said Monk. The 16-season series includes many different characters, and it is clear from the high ratings Latin students gave the show that its dramatic plot lines obviously hold great appeal for viewers. “Grey’s Anatomy” not only focuses on the dramatic events associated with medical situations but also incorporates the romances within the characters’ personal lives. Katherine DuBose ’24 prefers shows with lots of suspense. “I like ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ because it was very suspenseful and you never knew what was coming next. My favorite characters were Meredith, Derek and Christina because they all had different personalities,” Dubose said. “Outer Banks” is also a drama, but it includes adventure plot points as well as romance, and it takes place in a locale very near to Charlotte–North Carolina’s actual Outer Banks.The majority of plot revolves around two warring teen groups, the Kooks (the rich kids) and the Pogues (the working class kids), and the mystery revolving around one character, John B’s, missing father. Many students’ favorite characters are Sarah Cameron. Sarah Cameron is a Kook known as a spoiled princess. Jayden Jefferson ’24 likes shows that keep him guessing. “I love ‘Outer banks’ because it has an amazing setting and it’s very suspenseful,” Jefferson said. Many Latin students found themselves drawn to “Outer Banks” because the familiar beach setting, a popular Charlotte vacation destination, was a novelty. Mary Stewart Hunter ’24 started watching for this reason, but she kept watching because the plot line was exciting.” I liked ‘Outer Banks’ because it was an attention grabbing show, so I couldn’t stop watching it. I watched 10 episodes in less than 24 hours!” Hunter said. 

Katherine Dubose ’24 watches a show on her phone. Photo by: Sarah Sabetti

Last but not least,”The Office” was a fan favorite because of its comedy and humorous characters.  Rollins Elliot ’24 chooses comedies with a bit of an edge to them. “The show is hilarious, and the semi-dark humor always makes me laugh.” Elliot said. “The Office” is a mockumentary on a group of typical office workers. Michael Scott’s (the main character in the office) sense of humor convinced watchers to finish all nine seasons. He is politically incorrect, insensitive, and manages to make everybody laugh. From making his employees sit through ridiculous meetings to playing cruel jokes on his staff, he really made the show a comedy. Lydia McNichols ‘24 enjoys watching comedies as well. “‘The Office’ never failed to make me laugh and my favorite characters and Michael Scott and Kevin Malone because of their humor,” McNichols said.

Over the quarantine, when boredom hit, teens went straight to Netflix. Many students’  watch times varied. Some students watch two to three hours in their free time, while others watch 0-30 minutes. Now that school and sports have picked back up students haven’t been able to watch as much Netflix, they watch at least two hours a night. Cameron Hutchinson ‘24 prefers to watch a lot of Netflix on weekdays. “I watch two hours on a school day because it helps me go to sleep and get my mind off school and sports,” said Hutchinson. Many students find themselves watching too much Netflix on the weekend. With not as much school work to be done it brings more time to enjoy their favorite show. 

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