Music Moves


Juice WRLD, as his album ‘Legends Never Die’ debuts at number one on Billboard 200. Photo by Billboard.

Written By Tommy Beason, Staff Reporter

From country to pop to rap, there are thousands of different genres of music that people of all ages listen to and enjoy. As of December 3, 2020, there were 5,071 distinct genres on Spotify’s platform alone. All across the world, music impacts everyone who listens to it. It is also a form of cultural diffusion. Geographical locations like the USA hear music from other countries and incorporate those international songs and beats into their own music. Social Media provides another way for people in other countries to expand their music horizons.

There are an abundance of internet resources available today that allow users to watch and listen to various types of music. With TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Spotify and Apple Music, social media reaches people all across the globe—and there are sources to prove it. 

According to, TikTok supports 1.1 billion users, and over 130 million of them hail from America. Data collected on reflects that Instagram registers 1 billion monthly users with over 200 million businesses that allow its platform to reach even more people, while YouTube clocks in at 2 billion monthly users and over 1 billion hours of videos watched per day. Spotify has 365 million monthly users, according to, increasing by 66 million just in the past year. As of 2020, tracked Apple Music at 72 million subscribers, bringing in a revenue of $4.1 billion. Those numbers prove music’s undeniable impact on society.

The Kid LAROI, as a 17 year old who reached the top of the charts in his homeland of Australia. Photo by The Guardian.

Charlton Kenneth Jeffrey Howard, known by many as “The Kid LAROI”, started off small, idolizing the artist Juice WRLD; he wanted to make it to the top. From idol to mentor, Juice WRLD paved the way for the teen from Australia. They became the perfect duo until a tragic event occurred. On Dec 8, 2019, Juice WRLD waited for a flight in Chicago Midway International Airport. Before he knew it, he suffered a seizure. Although medical professionals rushed him to the nearest hospital, he passed away. With LAROI’s mentor and best friend gone, he felt devastated. LAROI turned to his music to honor his late friend and to keep Juice WRLD’s spirit alive. Since that fateful day, LAROI has worked extremely hard and has become a music icon for many faithful fans. Now as an artist on Spotify, he draws upwards of 60 million monthly listeners. From a regular high school student to a worldwide star, music has changed his life.

While the influence of music in the lives of those who create it cannot be denied, one does not need to be an artist to appreciate the profound impact of music as a listener. To me, music is an escape from reality. It motivates me to push myself to the highest level. When I am doing homework, working out, playing video games or just relaxing, I am always listening to music. Music helps me block out all outside noise and distractions; all of the stress in my life jus disappears.

Although I have a certain taste in music, everyone has their own tastes and with the diverse offerings of music available, one can readily find something enjoyable for any activity. Sydney Lawrence ‘24 said, “I listen to music every single minute of every single day. To me, music is a way to express myself and to live life through my own and others’ expressions.” There are many other students who feel the same way about music. Stewart Langley ‘24 said, “Music is a way to express myself and deal with emotions. The best time to listen is when I’m alone or doing work.”

Upperclassmen also value the impact of music. Ryan Lupfer ‘22 said, “For me I’d say that music serves two purposes. The first one, it calms me down during the school year when I get stressed out maybe. The second one is that it hypes me up before a big game.” Another Upper School athlete, Connor Little ‘23 said, “To me music kind of acts as an escape because during the school year I’m really focused on my schoolwork for studying, doing homework, maybe reading a story for school and I like to be able just to be able to plug in my headphones and escape from that and just enjoy myself.” No matter who you are or where you are, music surrounds you. MUSIC MOVES.