The Sleepy Poet


Kayley Malone Kayley Malone 10:52 AM Oct 21 a bookcase shown in Sleepy Poet shows the variety of vintage items that SP has to offer. (Kayley Malone)

Written By Kayley Malone, Staff Reporter

        Starting up in 1998 with a mere six vendors, the Sleepy Poet is an Antique Mall located in Charlotte that has grown to over 100 booths. Selling anything from vinyl records, retro furniture, vintage toys and games, cowboy boots, trinkets, to a wide array of vintage clothing, there’s definitely something for everyone.

     Along with my best friend, Elizabeth Meadows, I took the opportunity to visit the Sleepy Poet off South Boulevard in September. We went on a nice rainy Saturday afternoon, which is the perfect weather for great indoor antiquing. Upon walking into The Sleepy Poet, wonderful employees greet happy shoppers. They can somehow make time to help you with anything even though Sleepy Poet is always pretty full. As we walked through the different aisles together, we found copious amounts of vinyl records from pretty much every decade in an area called “The Vault.” Some look like they have been very well-loved over the years, while others appear current and in new condition. I picked up new Elton John, The Beatles and Billy Joel records to add to the ones I got at my last visit. Elizabeth decided on two albums from The Lumineers. 

        Overall, the Sleepy Poet is a great place to go if you have a reason to be there, or if you’re just looking for something to do any day of the week.