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The Student News Site of Charlotte Latin School

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The Student News Site of Charlotte Latin School

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Ben’s Food Review: Fast Food Pizza Extravaganza

Written By Ben Goldman , Staff Reporter December 7, 2022

The Mid-Morning Show: Episode 1

Written By Connor Little and Tommy Beason December 6, 2022

Through this podcast, we intend to parody the Late Night shows that have been failing at times and flourishing at others. Our main inspiration is the back and forth between Conan O’Brien and his “sidekick”...

Why Lightbulbs Go Dark: How the Phoebus Cartel Catalyzed Planned Obsolescence

Written By Max Thompson , Staff Reporter November 28, 2022

Have you ever wondered why you have to get a new iPhone every year to keep up with the latest software? Or possibly why manufactures unveil new, flashy cars that are bound to redefine the industry...

How To Get Away with Murder

How To Get Away with Murder

Written By Hailey Kim, Editor in Chief November 15, 2022

Christmas Day, 1996.  Creak Bits of dust fall from the basement ceiling.  Shoot. They’re home. About half an hour too early.  Do NOT panic.  Everything that might have gone wrong went...

Summer (aged 19), a resident of New York City, showcases her urban style with friends during a social outing.
(@sumblocc via Instagram).

Southern Fashion versus NYC Fashion

Written By Casey Cupps-O'Sullivan October 25, 2022

For decades New York City has upheld the reputation for being the epicenter of fashion and the latest trends. Whether you’re walking down Fifth Avenue or just left your apartment building in Soho, you’ll...

Photo of Crumbl Cookies first store location in Logan, Utah in 2017. (Crumbl History Page)

These Cookies Don’t Crumble: Crumbl Cookies Bake Their Way to Success Using Social Media

Written By Katherine Webb , Staff Reporter October 21, 2022

Whether you have seen them on social media, indulged in the sweet treat or waited for them to announce their weekly flavors, there’s no doubt that you have most likely heard of Crumbl Cookies. This new...

What CLS Building Are You?

What CLS Building Are You?

Written By Tommy Beason and Mia Zottoli October 21, 2022

This might be the most important personality quiz you have every taken. Your entire Charlotte Latin career has led to this moment where we will determine: What CLS building are you? *disclaimer: this...

Taylor Swift’s “Midnights” album cover, which Swift revealed on August 29, 2022. (Taylor Swift/Instagram).

Taylor Swift’s New Album: “Midnights”

Written By Sophia Smith October 17, 2022

October 21, 2022 marks a day that Taylor Swift fans have been anxiously waiting for for months: the release of her new album. Swift announced the date at the Video Music Awards (VMAs) on August 28, 2022,...

The Wrestling Experience

Written By Max Thompson May 20, 2022

Wrestling is a sport of much greatness yet much adversity. Throughout my two years of wrestling so far, there have been many difficulties but just as many payoffs for every minute of hard work put in....

History teacher and chaperone Chris Downing poses with some of his Class of 2022 seniors at the prom.

Viva Las Vegas in Uptown Palmer Building: Hawks Return to Historic Location for Prom

Written By Lydia McNichols and Neely Hume May 20, 2022

Due to COVID-19 protocols, the 2021 prom had to occur with accommodations in order to prevent an outbreak. This prom was located outdoors on our school turf with all students wearing masks. Although not...

Klein in another scene from the 2022 Fly Day promotional video that celebrated this years retirees. Via @charlottelatinschool Instagram

Ms. Klein: The Woman, the Myth, the Legend

Written By Mia Zottoli May 20, 2022

With 25 years of experience under her belt at Charlotte Latin School, Ms. Maria Klein has made an indelible impression on every person who has had the pleasure of working with her or being taught by her....

One member each from the Bills and the Chiefs, meeting with the referees to determine the outcome of the overtime coin toss, which the Chiefs would go on to win. Photo by the Buffalo News

Is Time Really Over?

Written By Tommy Beason May 19, 2022

OVER. TIME. In recent years within the NFL, controversy abounds regarding the rules that determine overtime. The current rules include a coin toss to open up the overtime. The winner of this coin toss...

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