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Jaya Iyer '24, Staff Reporter

Despite my nerves, the transition into Upper School as a Latin lifer has been a thrilling experience. The freedom granted throughout the day as well as the many new opportunities presented open the door to a bright future. As a writer, I hope to find my place in the world of journalism and make new friends along the way. In my free time, I enjoy reading, which helps fuel my writing. My favorite book series I have read is The Maze Runner because of the intense action, suspense and plot twists around every corner. I also love animals, especially my dog Coco, and crocheting when I am at home. Oftentimes, I watch vet shows about exotic animals to relax on the weekends. I wish I could own every unique pet I have ever seen before, but my house is not nearly large enough to fit all of those neat creatures. One day, I hope to visit India and meet my relatives who live there so I can learn more about the culture that comprises half of my family’s lives. It would be so cool to eat authentic Indian food and understand where my grandparents grew up, and it would help me feel more connected to our Indian culture.

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