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Max Thompson '25, Staff Reporter

If I could be born in any time period of my choosing, I would actually choose the age we live in right now. This is the perfect time period where technology is thriving, and the average person has access to limitless knowledge at our very fingertips through the use of phones and computers. Many people would choose maybe a century or two into the future, but the truth is you never know what the future holds. With so many problems right on the horizon like automation, global warming, and overpopulation, we really just don’t know what the future will look like. Not to mention, it's crucial to have a mindset where you appreciate what’s happening now in the present day, and don’t constantly look to the future for comfort. If you enjoy now and all the amazing things we can do at this moment, that will be a great life to live. Ultimately, all the capabilities we have that we take for granted such as unlimited information through the use of the internet, or even something as simple as flu shots, people couldn’t even begin to fathom just a mere century ago. This truly is the golden age of technology, medicine, and so much more, and a wonderful time to be alive.


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Max Thompson