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Mia Zottoli 23

Mia Zottoli '23, Staff Reporter

One day, I hope to be known for making the world a little better, to live on in memory even when I am gone. In this sense, I am ambitious, but I’m still unsure of how I will get where I desire. The uncertainty of my future brings me anxiety and excitement; I am unsure if I would rather know nothing or have everything figured out, both fill me with terror. I have a few basic ideas: becoming a writer, going to a liberal arts college, traveling with my friend for a while, and having at least two cats. However, everything could change within a year, or even something so small as a second. Viewing my life in a literary sense, which thrills me because of my passion for reading, I believe I would be a side character, someone who does not have their life figured out but helps others on their journeys, hoping I’ll get one of my own. Sometimes I’m unsure that everything will work out, but however it does, I am looking forward to what life has in store for me. 

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Mia Zottoli