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Jessica Clover 22

Jessica Clover '22, Reporter

When I was six, I started to watch cooking shows— “Giada at Home,” specifically, was my all-time favorite. I had a little kitchen when I was younger, which I really miss. I like to cook anything— except baking is hard for me, because I hate measuring and I also mess it up. I made eclairs once and they just ended up flat like pancakes; I still do not know what went wrong. I have other hobbies besides cooking that I enjoy, like being with my friends, hanging out with my dogs, and relaxing by watching TV. Over the summer I wish I had gone back to a cooking camp I participated in a couple of years ago—I really miss it. I miss the smells of homemade desserts that were freshly baked everyday. My dream vacation would be to go to Italy. I’ve never been there before and I want to go because I want to try the food, look at the beautiful sights, and learn about the culture. I think it would be cool to visit Pompeii because it would be interesting to see the ancient structures.

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Jessica Clover 22 stands proudly with her father and sister Catherine Clover 19 after making their Thanksgiving turkey.

Cooking with Mia Familia

December 10, 2019
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Jessica Clover