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Mary Stewart Hunter 24

Mary Stewart Hunter '24, Staff Reporter

     I have always wanted to be able to teleport. I feel that if I could teleport, it would make my life so much easier—I could skip long car trips and sleep more before school. With teleportation, it would be easier to travel to my favorite places, like the beach. My mom used to tell me that when I am older I should just create a teleportation machine, but I would say that it would be impossible to do and nobody could ever do it. She also encouraged me that if I didn't want to clean my room, I could create something so it would revert to its tidy version and then I wouldn't have to clean it anymore.  

     Some of my favorite hobbies to do during the week are playing sports like soccer and field hockey. I have played for so many different club teams in the past six years of soccer that I have had 13 different coaches, but I promise they don’t quit coaching because of me. On the weekends, I like to play with my new puppy. Finnegan. He is our family's first pet, and I love him so much!


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Mary Stewart Hunter