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Ryan Lupfer 22

Ryan Lupfer '22, Editor In Chief

If I were to be reborn as a fruit, it would probably be as a pineapple. They are spiky on the outside and I have been told that I give off a vibe that can seem prickly to people because I'm a little sarcastic. But on the inside they're nice and sweet, just like me. The place on earth that I would really like to live in, is the mountains, as it is just so quaint and I like that. I feel it would be quite nice living alone in the wilderness, getting back to your roots and learning to survive on your own. If I could have one superpower it would probably be the ability to read minds, because, I would like to know what people think. If I had all of the money in the world I would invest it so I could make more money. I would also use it to solve world hunger, as I feel that it is a big crisis and I could help with that if I had all of the money in the world. I would like to eat dinner with Albert Einstein and talk to him about his involvement with the war. I believe that he could impart some of his wisdom onto me, and I could walk away from dinner a wiser man.


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Ryan Lupfer