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Isis West '22, Staff Reporter

My sister, who was five at the time, had mistaken my Wii console for a toaster. Her placing a frozen waffle in the console (and, of course ,breaking it) was a sad and laughable moment in my childhood memories. I loved to play games like Just Dance, Michael Jackson the Experience and Wii Sports Resort with my family and friends. My favorite color has always been sky blue because it was always the first color I saw in the morning, waking up and looking out the window of my family home in Long Island. The backyard is close to the bay so the background of sky blue amongst yards of tall grass was a compelling part of my childhood routine. When I was eight, I visited my favorite place for the first time; Johannesburg, South Africa. My mother’s birthplace led me to vast vineyards with cute dogs named Patat and Betsy who would wake me up every morning via their scratching at the front and back door. The month-long visit allowed me to climb grand mountains, wrestle with lion cubs and learn more about my South African heritage. Pochahontas’ internal and external character design is one that I find admirable and relate to the most. She has a strong support system, presents as family-oriented and is very strong-willed. My father used to call me ‘little Sacagawea’ when I was younger to attest to my Native American roots and the attributes listed above. What’s the purpose of eyebrows? They are my favorite thing on the human face because I can never figure them out. I love how these solo patches of hair and muscles on our faces can tell so much about what a person’s feeling or thinking. What I would be thinking if I were on Death Row is how I would like for my final meal to be a stack of warm, buttermilk pancakes from IHOP. Nowadays, my keyboard keys creak and have writing all over them. As I try to relearn the keyboard on my own, most of my free time is spent writing music and songs and experimenting with it.

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