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Neely Hume '24, Staff Reporter

When I think back to kindergarten, one of my only clear memories was when I forgot my folder. It had always been my fear to sit on the log. The log was where you sat at recess by yourself and watched your friends play as a sign of punishment. You could be there for any length of time depending on how bad you had been. All year, I was such a good student and never got in trouble. One random day about halfway through the year, I came to school without my folder. I didn’t know what to do. When my teacher asked if anyone had forgotten his or her folder, I histantly told her. She said I would have to sit on the log for five minutes at the start of recess. I had never been so disappointed in myself. I walked outside, lonely and sorrowfully, and sat down by myself away from everyone else. Then came my best friend. She sat right next to me. I was so confused—I didn’t remember her getting in trouble. Then she told me she had also forgotten her folder. It made me so happy to think I wasn’t the only one being punished. After finishing our long five minutes, we resumed recess as if we had been released from prison.

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